Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaningFree your home from allergens and bacteria by having your carpets professionally cleaned! Our amazing cleaners will deeply clean and revive all you floor coverings before you know it! Our affordable and reliable carpet cleaning services can be booked across West London, so if you are struggling with a dirty, old rug, just call us. We promise we’ll make it look just like new!

Regular vacuuming of carpets is not enough to maintain them in a top condition. It is unbelievable how much dust is still removable from a carpet that was just treated with a store-bought hoover cleaner. They may not look filthy, but we can assure you your carpets and rugs are extremely dirty. Dust particles get stuck in the very fibres of the carpet and are really hard to extract. Not to mention that dust mites and all types of bacteria can spread through such a rug. They are responsible for our dust allergies, skin irritations, sneezing, etc.

To avoid that and get rid of allergens, health agencies recommend professional carpet cleaning at least twice a year. Deeply sanitised, your carpets will also look better for a longer time.

Being in the professional carpet cleaning business for years, our company has made a reputation of being the most trustworthy and reliable contractor in West London. Our distinctive approach to be honest, transparent and respectable has made us stand out from our competitors, who consider their work simply a business. For us, it is a responsibility.

This is why our cleaning technicians are carefully vetted and trained. They are able to expertly treat each type of carpet and remove almost any kind of stain. Using high-quality gear and specialised detergents, including chemical-free products, they clean meticulously every inch of the rug, removing any furniture that may block their progress. The cleaning process includes pre-treating of stains or high-traffic areas, deep hoovering, steam cleaning, as well as moisture extraction.

Take care of your health by choosing the convenience of the carpet services our company offers. The cleaning sessions are available in West London seven days of the week and can be easily booked online. We work fast and flexibly, so we can deliver amazing cleaning working around your schedule.